Freemasonry(Masonic): The most powerful organization on the planet

Freemasonry(Masonic): The most powerful organization on the planet

Freemasonry(Masonic) is considered to be one of the most powerful and mysterious secret societies in the world that is still active and exists today, with a membership in the millions. The members of the association are mostly rich, wise or influential people who manipulate great forces that have great influence on historical landmarks in the world. Let’s find out what the secret of Freemasonry is, its purpose and the conspiracy theories related to it!

Find out about Freemasonry

Freemasonry(Masonic) is a fraternal organization of medieval origin that appeared in the late 16th century in Scotland, England and gradually spread to other countries. Freemasonry is described as an organization that promotes morality and charity that manifests morality through the symbolism of its members. Freemason is a combination of the words free and mason temporarily means “free foundation” used to refer to the metaphorical integration environment related to free stone masons who were not enslaved.


The few documents found shows that the association appeared in 1425 about a group of construction workers and started to operate a Freemasonry group from 1717 in London after the meeting of the four main guilds and gradually spread to neighboring countries. Still, the more symbolic and ancient origin that preceded the “Masonic” name is probably the construction of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem.

2.Organizational members

Freemasonry was organized into many guilds and power was divided equally among them. Assembly halls or congresses have the right to select members upon request. The difference between the assembly halls lies in the ritual of dividing into 2 branches as seen:
  • Legitimate branch: is the group that keeps the original ideas and rituals of the association and believes in the Supreme.
  • Exotic branch: does not impose any ideology, ritual and accepts atheism

Freemasonry(Masonic)Freemasonry divides its members into three levels (divided into 33 sub-tiers): apprentice, craftsman and master craftsman. The highest ranking person at the head of the club will control the festival’s rituals, the members recognize each other by the handshake ceremony and the level of knowledge. Up to now, Freemasonry has had millions of members and it is impossible to accurately count how many, among them are the founding fathers of the United States such as: George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Monroe…

Note: Freemasonry does not recruit female members except for some foreign clubs.

3.Main activities

Freemasonry transmits esoteric education expressed through symbols and rituals. Members are encouraged to act socially and express it in their own way. The main activities of the association in the early days were to connect fraternal feelings, organize charity and contribute to the society.

4.Masonic Symbols

The Masonic symbol is a compass and square ruler representing the architect’s (mason’s) features used in the lessons. The middle G could stand for Geometry, an important subject for architects at the time.

Several Freemasonry(Masonic) Conspiracy Theories

Freemasonry was highly influential, with its large membership of selected elites sparking much debate about historical arrangements.

1. About Politics

  • Freemasonry has close ties to the Illuminati controlling many aspects of society and government to establish the New World Order.
  • Freemasonry has a close relationship with the old Knights Templar.
  • Freemasonry has been unfoundedly accused of being a clandestine outlaw organization run by Jews for world domination. This led Adolf Hittle to believe that Freemasonry had a detrimental influence on Nazi
  • Germany, so he carried out suppression and eradication of the organization.
  • Freemasonry is suspected of being behind the release of income tax in the US. At the time, a convicted protester alleged that state officials who were part of Freemasonry were plotting to control America and then the entire world.
  • Freemasonry has strong links to semi-secret organizations: Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, Rhodes Scholarship, Orange Order and Ku Klux Klan.
  • Freemasonry was the cause of the French Revolution of 1789.

2. About religion

  • Freemasonry worships the Fallen Angel Lucifer or Satan.
  • Freemasonry worships its own deities such as: Great Architect of the Universe, Baal, Al-Masih ad-Dajjal, Rahu or Osiris.
  • Freemasonry uses the rite of Jahbulon, YHWH (Teragrammaton).

3. About culture

The United States is said to be most influenced by the geometric symbols of Freemasonry such as: company logos, national seals, Washington streets, architecture, US dollar bills, etc.

4. Other Conspiracy Theories

  • Freemasonry faked NASA‘s moon landing.
    The plot of the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States is descended from the Order of the Knights Templar (related to Freemasonry).
  • Freemasonry has a connection with the species “Reptiles like humans”.
  • Members of the organization include the Unidentified Serial Killers (Jack the Ripper) who have been responsible for the assassinations of Roberto Calvi and the 35th President of the United States – John F. Kennedy.

Freemasonry is a powerful still active organization with a growing membership. They are not a heretical organization but hold too much power in their hands and are very members of the government apparatus of the great powers. This raises many doubts about the conspiracy theories that have their hand in history and possibly in the future as well. What do you think about this, let me know in the comments!

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