The Role of Freemasonry(Masonic) in American Political History

The Role of Freemasonry(Masonic) in American Political History

When learning about American history, it is worth noting that the principles and mission of Freemasonry have particularly important imprints from laying the foundation for America from the very beginning to the end. later development.

What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is a secret society with a long history, but there is still no consensus on its history. There is a fairly common school of thought that the association originated in Scotland (Scotish Rite), then spread to England and other countries. Some other documents “trace” the origin and say that this Society was born in BC during the construction period of King Solomon’s Temple.

Freemasonry imprints in American political history

Many historical documents suggest that about one third of the total 56 Founding Fathers of the United States were members of Freemasonry such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin…

Since gaining independence from Britain, it took more than 10 years for George Washington to choose a new land as the new capital for the United States, rather than the cities that were the cradle of the American “revolution”. like Boston, Pennsylvania or New York City. According to G. Washington’s point of view, the geographical location of the place chosen as the capital (present-day Washington DC) is because of the convergence of feng shui.

The design work of the political center of Washington DC was assigned to the French architect Pierre Charles L’Enfante (the interesting point is that during the period when America won independence from the British, the French helped a lot due to conflicts between the two countries). Anglo-French conflict in Europe, including the “national hero” of the Americans, a French General Lafayet).

As a member of Freemasons and after receiving the “secret orders” of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, L’Enfante set to work and construction of the capital Washington began in 1791. Pierre Charles L’Enfante applied many different architectural and design principles; both scientific and inheriting ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek architectural traditions; have to carefully calculate the size and proportions of the “standard” proportions of the works; bringing religious elements as well as harmoniously coordinating the influence of the Gods of Earth, God of Water, God of Wind and God of Fire… to achieve maximum “wealth” and sustainability for the US government institution.

L’Enfante not only designs houses and roads, but also “hides” in the overall design of Washington DC a series of works that, when connected, both reflect the maximally feng shui elements and at the same time have a good fit. appeared the mysterious symbols of Freemasonry. Detail:

  • L’Enfante does not put the Houses of Parliament and the White House on the same street and does not let the two institutions of Congress and the government “confront” each other. From the National Assembly to the White House and vice versa, you must go through at least two roads.
  • Although G. Washington and the founders of the United States advocated building a secular state, without religious interference in the government, but because most of them are Christians, religion influences clearly printed in the operation of the government. This is reflected not only in the design of the Blue Silver with the words “In God We Trust”, but also in the design of the American Center of Power itself. For example, if you connect two straight lines, one from the top of the dome of the US Capitol to the Abraham Lincoln memorial, the other from the White House to the Thomas Jefferson memorial, you will see a giant cross located in the area. the center of power in the United States. This is not only visible on the map but also very clearly on the photos taken from above.
  • The date of laying the stone to start construction of the US Congress house was chosen by George Washington as September 18, 1793, which is considered a “good day” in astronomy. On that day, the constellation Venus appeared before the sun in the East at 2:30 and according to 18th century astronomy, this was a good time to build a house or establish a country. Washington performed a Masonic ceremony in person at the site of the first stone with some members of his Lodge. At the bottom of the belt is a Mason icon like a rectangular apron measuring about 30cm x 40cm (called Apron made of sheepskin – the animal is considered “pure” and is often used to celebrate the Lord’s Day. during ancient religious festivals), Washington placed a silver spoon on the rock an
  • The Role of Freemasonry(Masonic) in American Political Historyd sprinkled corn, wine, and olive oil all around. These tools are still kept in a Freemasonry Lodge.
  • The metaphorical image of the Owl, a Masonic “mascot” that is very visible in the heart of America’s power (see picture) with two eyes looking down on the entire Washington area Mall, while the breast and heart embrace the entire US Capitol. For Freemasonry, the Owl has the following meanings:
    • In the gods in Greek mythology, the Owl is a symbol of the Greek Goddess of Learning, while in some ancient and modern Roman and Greek currencies, the Owl represents the Greek Goddess of Learning. represents status, intelligence and wealth;
    • Symbol of change. In ancient Egyptian, Hindu (Indian) and Celtic (Scotland) cultures, the owl symbolizes the guardian of the death. According to the Vietnamese understanding, the cry and appearance of the owl is a bad omen, foreshadowing death. However, for Freemasonry, the Owl is the leader of the night, protecting the souls and spiritual legacies of the deceased, passing on to the next generation.
    • Owls show wisdom, having the ability to see through, to see clearly what others cannot see, no matter how well concealed.
  • How to number houses in Washington DC is quite scientific. For example, the road in the capital is divided by chessboard squares, vertically they are numbered from small to large, and horizontally, they are typed according to the alphabet starting from letter A to the last letter, and the lines cut If you cross the city, you will type after the names of the states in the country, although there are still some small exceptions that use the name of famous people or geographical areas for some small streets. This way makes finding the street quite easy. For example, the address of the Vietnamese Embassy in the US is: 1233 20th Street, NW, Washington DC. Accordingly, when looking for an address, you can immediately know that SQ is located in the Northeast area of ​​DC, located on 20th street and near the intersection with M street (because 12 is the first two digits of house number 1233 corresponding to the letter M). , has the ordinal number 12 in the alphabet).

Freemasonry numbers, symbols and emblems

It can be said that there are few capitals in the world that have as many numbers, characters and symbols of Freemasonry as in the design of Washington DC. Everyone assumed that there could be some coincidence. This may be true, but it only happens with a very small probability. However, with most people “born” of Washington DC being members of Freemasons, the possibility of coincidence is almost ruled out.

As for the members of Freemasonry, they believe that if God created the universe, then man with unparalleled intelligence and understanding is at the center of the universe, controlling the universe, not The universe controls man. According to them, the power of people will be multiplied many times if they grasp the laws of nature, know how to combine harmoniously with the elements of astronomy and numerology.

Among the natural numbers, Freemasons believe in the magic of some natural numbers, including 13 and 33. Why 33? The following can be seen:

  • The number 33 represents the 33 dorsal vertebrae of the vast majority of people on earth. These 33 vertebrae are closely linked to help people stand upright and look forward. For Freemasonry, man himself is a “living temple” worthy of worship.
  • The number 33 is also associated with another Christian legend that Jesus was executed at the age of 33 – A number synonymous with the “immortality” of the character.
  • Level 33 (Level 33) is the “top” level, the last level in the Masonic rating scale.
  • The Rotunda dome of the US Capitol is supported by 33 columns, each pillar is exactly 3.3m high, which is synonymous with the longevity of the people’s power (US Congress).

In addition to the number 33, the number 13 is also one of the numbers used frequently by Freemasonry However, in Christianity and most other cultures the number 13 is considered “unlucky”. In Christianity, the number 13 corresponds to the number of the last apostle of the teacher, the disciple of Jesus, Juda, who betrayed Jesus. Any 13th day of the year that falls on a Friday is considered an “unlucky” day.

The legacy of the taboo for this day dates back to exactly 700 years ago: On Friday, March 13, 1314, a Master of the Knights Templar named Jacques de Molay was taken away. cremation in Paris. Before his death, Jacques cursed King Philip IV of France, Pope Clemence V, Prime Minister Guillaume de Nogaret and said they would all die a painful death in a year and bad luck would follow them to the 13th generation. Less than a year later, King Philip IV died from a fall from a horse, Pope Clemence died of a small bowel obstruction, and Prime Minister Guillaume hanged himself. The sudden deaths associated with retribution made the people of Paris panic because they thought they were descendants and could be punished at any time. From Paris, this rumor spread throughout the Catholic community, and from place to place, to the New Continent (America). Even today, many buildings in both Europe and Asia do not number the 13th floor.

However, for Masons, they do not consider the number 13 a bad omen, but on the contrary, with the duty and responsibility of “enlightenment”, they interpret the number 13 in the most positive aspects. Like the number 33, which corresponds to the number of human dorsal vertebrae, the number 13 is also interpreted by Masons in a person-centered way. Accordingly, the number 13 corresponds to the entire number of joints of the body, helping people to move and move flexibly. 13 is the number 12 moving around the nucleus, such as 12 Apostles gathered around Jesus, 12 constellations revolve around the solar system.

They consider the birth of the United States with 13 Northern States as the original founding members of the United States of America as a “good omen”. Freemasonry symbols, the number 13

The Role of Freemasonry(Masonic) in American Political History


or symbols with this implication appear quite often on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States (see picture). We see the following:

  • The eagle is the Scottish Rite symbol.
  • 13 lines of white and red lines on the veil in front of the eagle’s chest
  • 13 stars in the circle above the eagle’s head
  • 13 leaves and olives in the left hand of the eagle
  • 13 arrows to the right of the eagle
  • The 13 letters represent the letters “E PLURIBUS UNUM”, (Out of many, one), meaning from many states (or can be understood from many peoples, from many cultures…) forming a country. (a people, a culture…), that is America.

Not only “unlucky” the number 13, turning 13 into a sacred number, Freemasonry also put its symbol in the greenback of the United States.

If we flip the 1 USD coin, flip it to the back and zoom in on the circle on the left, we will see the following:

  • The Role of Freemasonry(Masonic) in American Political HistoryThe two letters above also include 13 letters, which is ANNUIT COEPTIS (He favors our undertakings) which means “God bless our cause”.
  • The inscription below is NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM (New order of the ages) which means New order of eternity, understood by many later generations to imply America’s desire to dominate the world.
  • If we draw a star of David (a Masonic symbol) and arrange it in this circle, we will see that the 5 vertices of the star of David coincide with the 5 letters M A S O N (Masonic)
  • The pyramid in the circle consists of 13 steps
  • At the top of the pyramid is the eye of God (Eye of Providence) or the eye of Providence, meaning the eye that can see all over the world.

These are just a few of the many examples of Freemasonry‘s multifaceted influence on America. It shows that since the founding of the nation, America’s elites not only believe in themselves, in a healthy institution, but also believe that if their works are in accordance with the laws of earth and heaven, then America will enjoy the most “wealth” and will not stop developing.

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